Well the time has finally come to unveil the greatness that is the Gladdy & Smiles long playing ablum. When asked to provide a soundtrack for a children’s cartoon, Miles and Edd started on a journey exploring the recesses of their collective musical minds, and hours of stuff came out..

so we took a number of large dollops of our respective musical reference points and like aural chefs we reduced them down to a hot sticky mess, that encompasses most musical genres, and a few that we invented to allow our juices to run clear, the result is a tripped out library album for eleven short films, the kind of thing that you might have seen in Czech children’s TV in the 1970’s with the overarching theme being fun and playfulness, letting the tracks develop almost by themselves..

get thee to bandcamp and download the results for whatever price you see fit xxx

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Proud to see my relly’s keeping the fire burning, heavy dubs from my nephew Mantra up on mixcloud… y’all should check out the work he does with the fabulous no-profit netlabel Planet Terror Records who’ve released a whole mass of fabulous electronica and techno including the wonderful Sk’p and the earthshaking Sephirot.
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My love affair with eastern music continues unabated, this set under the ‘Rai’ tag offers so much scope, rappers, proggy guitar solos, fusion breaks, awesome soaring vocals.. a beautiful listen from start to finish..